Where does love end?

Feel the sweet flood of delight for our loved ones,

they are truly a gift in our lives.

But I wonder, does our love stop here in the joy?

We have great gratitude for the gifts of nature

that support our life blood and bodies.

And yet, is there a place amongst the fields and rivers

where the love stops?

Let’s look together at our neighbors, our countrymen

and feel pride at our unity.

Can we say love stops here at the border?

Look at children everywhere,

in play, in fear, cared for, uncared for.

Does our love stop here in our wonder and sorrow?

Let’s open up wide to take in the horrors of violence and war

and people who are perpetrators and people who are victims.

Can we separate them out?  Can we say, I love you, but I don’t love you?

Yes.  We can say it, and we do say it, and the pain and fear continues.

But then, where is compassion?  Does it end somewhere in our confusion?

Now dear friends, look carefully at a stranger,

one whose skin is a different color, one who practices another religion,

one who lives in poverty, one who has no home, no family,

one who has forgotten their heart.

Can we say love stops here in the differences?

Maybe it’s time for us to look within.

Have we forgotten our own heart?

Can we truly find the end of love?

Or can we stop and listen

to our breath

to our heartbeat,

to the life force flowing

through you and me

through stranger and friend,

through lover and hater,

through the newborn child,

and say to our selves,

I love you

without end.



7 thoughts on “Where does love end?

  1. Wow. A perfect poem. Except I wish you had ended it with a question mark. Because it is a question, I think, isn’t it?

  2. Hi Marc! Thanks for reading and sharing your reflection about this poem with me. I can see how it is a question from the mind’s perspective. But for me, our great heart asks no questions. So how about both or neither! 🙂

  3. As I read it, Lorraine, for me, it was a question that I could not answer. But reading it again, I understand what you mean. I think my heart got it the first time too, but my mind didn’t believe it. 🙂

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