We are


I am


bursting into

a fan of spray

from the endlessly

dancing river.


See me!

Now I am

this tiny drop,

a woman,

a man,

a human,

completely unique,

glistening in the sunlight,

alive and moving.

What freedom,

how wondrous

this brief and

radiant life,

how exciting this journey

leaping into the unknown.


But wait, stop!

I see so many drops

separate from me,

what are they?

Who am I?

Suddenly, I’m afraid

they won’t like me,

I won’t like them.

Perhaps my shine

is not as bright,

perhaps I’m smaller,

perhaps I’m bigger,

perhaps they’re terrible.

I’m separate,

I’m different,

I’m alone.

This waterfall

is loud and scary

and menacing

and I’m afraid of it.

How can I dance when

I’m so alone,

how can I be carefree

when I might dry up

into nothingness?

Or worse yet,

let myself be overtaken by

the dark and swirling torrent.

All I can do is try

and steer myself away,

but oh, it’s hard,

it’s scary,

it’s painful,

I don’t know if I can do it,

but what’s the choice?

if I let go, I might





one last terrifying gasp,

I’m going under,


I’m afraid,

I’m afraid


Why hello!

 I am


bursting into

a fan of spray

from the endlessly

dancing river.


See me!

I am a drop now.

Oh, and I see you!

We are mirrors

for each other

so that we can

see and delight

in our


you are so beautiful,

so radiant,

I am shining and alive.

We are water,


with itself,

we are unique

and complete

and all we need do

is remember

our divine


the endlessly




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