The universe is enough and so are we

Hello dear ones,

this morning is sunshiny beautiful.  The breeze already feels warm and holds the promise of a day filled with vibrant colors and smells.  The birds are talking at the feeders, maybe to each other or maybe just simply singing their songs because that’s what they do.  The new green leaves are fluttering in the wind.  The bees are out early in the warmth, already busily collecting pollen from the rhododendron, doing their job in the miracle of growth and regeneration. Everything is moving, doing, and being just as they are.  And they are enough.  Nothing needs to be added or changed for them to be, to express themselves in their unique aliveness.

And how about us humans?  Can we live in that same natural way?  To deep down know that we are enough, that we are full, that we can let deepest love have its way with us.  Or have we forgotten the simple truth that we are not missing anything at all?

In our busy lives, our mind with its to-do list and judgments often drowns out the whisperings of our heart.  Our vast heart, the one that knows no divisions, no lack, the one that needs no confirmation because it shines always.  Can we feel into this unconditional love?  Can we allow this within ourselves, to remember to love ourselves so deeply that we come to see that the self we thought we were is actually the substance of all of us, of the universe itself.  Then can we say, we are not enough?  Is the universe not enough?  Oh, such wonder to spread our wings into this feeling!  And we can laugh out loud about our innocent misunderstanding while at the same time know that it’s not easy being human.  That there is such richness in the discovery of our unique humanness.  But oh, such gratitude for the gift of discovering our vast natural self.  Let our wise heart guide us, let the birds and the leaves and the bees guide us, let the universe guide us to listen to our deepest song.

with much love, Lorraine


4 thoughts on “The universe is enough and so are we

  1. “Our vast heart, the one that knows no divisions, no lack, the one that needs no confirmation because it shines always.”

    Love this. Love the way your heart shines, Lorraine. Thank you for your loving, peaceful presence here. xoxo

  2. This is lovely, Lorraine. I felt so calm and peaceful reading it. Yes, we must listen to our deepest song and yes, we are enough. Thanks for such a wonderful reminder.

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